The Montgomery Register Teen Center is open Monday-Friday, 3:00 p.m.–7:00 p.m.

What is The CLUB

The CLUB is a space within Boys & Girls Clubs created especially for teens, apart from the younger kids. It is a safe place, where you can be yourself without feeling the pressure of being judged. At The CLUB, you’ll have access to resources and experiences that expose you to a world of opportunities. Plus, The CLUB is a comfortable place to hang out with friends, connect with caring mentors, and participate in fun activities like sports, arts, and volunteerism.

What are the requirements to Join?

The CLUB is available for any students in the 6th–12th grade.

Middle School & High School students pay NO AFTER-SCHOOL FEES to come to The CLUB during the academic year ($25 annual membership fee only).

My Club My Life

At Boys & Girls Clubs, teens have a space to call our own. It’s The CLUB. And is where we write and share our stories!

The CLUB is like a second home, away from the younger kids where we can find our voices and achieve success through after-school experiences rooted in what matter to most to us—CHOICE, ACCESS and PASSION.

What's going on at The CLUB

Shavonne's Story

Shavonne started coming to Brigade at age seven. One thing that kept her coming back over the next decade was the fact that her brother, who has autism, was treated with dignity at the Club. Shavonne comes from a single-parent household, and received financial assistance via a Neighborhood Scholarship. When Shavonne entered the Teen Workforce Development program, Brigade Staff noted a change in her.

Shavonne stated it best: “When I first started as a Junior Staff, I made a lot of mistakes and felt like I was struggling to keep up with my work. I had to learn to rely on working together with other Junior Staff to get better results.  I learned to be disciplined and to not give up easily… Being a Junior Staff has taught me the importance of hard-work, discipline, teamwork, and how to take criticism.” Staff noted that Shavonne, who was hesitant to speak up before, began speaking with confidence. She entered the Youth of the Year competition, Brigade’s top award, which requires an essay evaluation and an interview in front of a panel of judges. Shavonne’s story was so powerful, she was asked to speak at one of Brigade’s largest fundraising events, where she moved people to tears with her story. She said: “By working every day during the summer, I have been able to realize my financial goals. I work from the time I arrive until when the Club closes. Even though I am sometimes very tired, it pays off because I am able to make the money I need for clothing and school supplies.  Money is helpful, but the skills and tools I have obtained are even more valuable. Because of what I’ve learned from the Junior Staff program, I have the confidence to pursue any career of my choice. I plan to pursue a career in music production … Through Junior Staff, I have learned that people should follow their dreams no matter what problems they might have.”

Shavonne now attends Cape Fear Community College, and her brother works at Bitty & Beau’s, a local cafe dedicated to giving people of all developmental abilities a chance to find meaningful employment.

Teen Nights

Looking for something fun to do on Friday nights? Come join us at the Montgomery-Register Teen Center (2759 Vance Street, Wilmington, NC 28412), every Friday from 7:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m. (School Year Only). Over 50 teens join us every week for games, free food, and meeting new people. (Must be a member of The Club to participate. Come see us to enroll.)

Workforce Development Program

We know the “real world” can be a daunting place, so we want to help you get ready for life after high school graduation. Through the Workforce Development program, teen participants learn how to create and manage a budget, how to understand pay cycles and paychecks,  how to open a bank account, and how to plan a path to achieve career goals. The Workforce Development Director also works with students to ensure they are taking steps towards graduation, secondary education, and job placement like maintaining good school attendance, learning about effective resume writing, attending college fairs and campus tours, exploring job search tools, developing interview skills, and gaining exposure to various career fields.

The Workforce Development programs also includes the opportunity to be a member of our Junior Staff. More details will be released in the spring semester, when we will begin interviewing for our summer Junior Staff positions.