Jermere started her journey with Brigade in Kindergarten when she joined our Summersill Elementary Club site in our afterschool program. Jermere is one of our scholarship recipients, meaning she attends our Club for free. Our amazing staff recognized that she was struggling with both identifying her letters as well as sounding out the letters, a foundation she needed in order to learn to read. One thing that was evident is that Jermere loved to play on the swings.  Putting her youth development training to work, site director, Mrs. Alice realized this might be a prime opportunity to help Jermere; while she is distracted by something she loves to do. Jermere is now in first grade and received a 100 on her spelling test for the very first time. Not only was this the positive encouragement that Jermere needed but seeing the staff at Brigade’s enthusiasm has solidified Jermere’s love of learning and she has been soaring ever since!

Will you give the gift of Reading to other youth just like Jermere since reading is the foundation for all learning?