Yeremiyah started attending Brigade when he was in 3rd grade and currently attends the Full-Day Enrichment Program at our Carl B. Brown Youth Center.  While his mom was out of work due to Covid-19, Yeremiyah stayed at home but when her schedule resumed, Yeremiyah came back to Brigade Boys & Girls Club.  One of his favorite things about the Club is the: FOOD.  When asked, he’ll tell you that he enjoys Ms. Leandra’s cooking and although he hesitates when he sees new foods on his plate, “most of the time, they’re real good!”  He first tried hard-boiled eggs at the Club and “with a little salt and pepper, they’re yummy”.  Brigade Boys & Girls Club introduces healthy, nutritious foods to our Club Members and instills Healthy Habits.

Will you give the gift of Healthy Habits to more children; it’s a gift that lasts a lifetime.