Shayla has been coming to the Club since for a few years and she currently attends the Full-Day Enrichment Program at our Montgomery-Register Teen Center.  The transition to virtual schooling and remote learning has been difficult for most children; Shayla included.  The first quarter of the fall 2020 grading period was rough for her but she credits Brigade Boys & Girls Club for her academic success and comeback.  In the second quarter of her 7th grade year she has raised her grades by 38 points in Social Studies, by 28 points in English Language Arts, by 17 points in Keyboarding, and by 10 points in Math!!!  Shayla shared, “I don’t like that y’all get on me about doing my work, but I appreciate it…I come to Brigade because it is a good environment to get my work done and [still] socialize”.

Will you give the gift of Academic Success to other local children who need it most, right now?