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The staff at the Brigade Boys & Girls Club is a diverse group of highly qualified and dedicated individuals who strives to inspire and empower our next generation, one child at a time.
Rick Sears
Chief Executive Officer
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Jamie Howell
Director of HR & Grant Compliance
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Angie Hill
Director of Operations
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Amber Watkins
Development & Communications
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Karen Parker
Development & Communications
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Desiree Bryant
Director of Accounting & Administration
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Gayle Alvis
Director of Onslow County
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Brittany Patterson
Director of Programming for New Hanover County and Pender County
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Cedric McDonald
Director of Programming for Onslow County
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George Rivera
Site Director for Carl B. Brown, Jr. Youth Center
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Julian Williams
Assistant Site Director for Carl B. Brown, Jr. Youth Center
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Anthony Kelly
IT/IS Coordinator & Technology Instructor/Teen Center Director
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Mackenzie Hopkins
Development Assosciate
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Cody Beck
Development Assistant
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Leandra Grady
Food Coordinator
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Heather Simons
Teen Workforce Development Coordinator
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Chelsea Aguilar
Onslow County Administration Assistant
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ShanReika Freeman-Cooper
Data Manager
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Megan Thomas
Case Manager/Site Director for Hillcrest Housing Authority
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