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A Bike for Every Child

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Every day is a great day at the Brigade, but last Friday was extraordinary!! Kelly Cascaden from A BIKE FOR EVERY CHILD and her team of volunteers teamed up with the Brigade and gifted more than 160 bikes to OUR KIDS!!! Thank you to Kelly and her team of outstanding people, to Lowes Foods for collecting bikes and to the Wilmington Police Dept. for teaching a bike safety class to OUR KIDS and registering all the bikes!!! A Bike for Every Child is a nonprofit organization that collects gently used bikes from the community, repairs them, and gives them to kids in need. It is their mission to have our community come together to have every child experience the joy, confidence, and well-being of owning and riding a bike. A Bike for Every Child believes in turning dusty bikes, into shiny smiles, and having our youth ride into a happier and healthier future. and on Facebook